Heres What We do:

    #1 Super Shine Exterior

  1. Hand Wash Vehicle
  2. Buff and Polish Out Oxidation and Most Surface Scratches
  3. Hand Wax Vehicle
  4. Vacuum Interior and trunk
  5. Clean Windows, Inside and Out
  6. Includes Tires, Rims, Trim, Etc.

    #2 Super Clean Interior

  1. Shampoo Carpets, seats, door panels, dash, air conditioning vents, trunk, etc.
  2. Apply Vinyl Leather Treatment
  3. Headliner not included
MOST VEHICLES ABOVE - NOTE: Prices quoted are approximate prices based upon vehicles in average condition. The average price of detailing services is established by a visual inspection of the vehicle prior to the commencement of work. *Note: ABOVE VEHICLES RAISED WITH LIFT KITS, ADDITIONAL NON FACTORY ACCESSORIES SUBJECT TO ADDITIONAL CHARGES